San Zaccaria

Of very ancient ducal foundation, prior to that of the church of San Marco, the original Benedictine monastery of nuns of San Zaccaria, contiguous to the political-religious center of Marciano, was one of the most illustrious, privileged, and rich monasteries in Venice. The 9th-century church was first renovated in the 12th century and then completely rebuilt in the 15th century by Antonio Gambello and Mauro Codussi. The complex construction events of the church are made evident by the visible stratification within the building, with the crypt and the chapels of Saint Tarasios and Saint Athanasius as visible fragments of the medieval church. Being a treasure chest not only of works of art (hosting paintings by Giovanni Bellini, Andrea Celesti, Giovanni Antonio Fumiani, Daniel Heintz, Antonio Zanchi, and Antonio Zonca) but also of one of the richest endowments of relics in Venice, the church was the destination of annual visits by part of the doges, who also were often buried here.